Anisuzzaman Khan
Programmer - Problem Solver - Smart Worker



I'm real passionate about solving problems. Attended ACM-ICPC Regional Dhaka Site in 2012, 2013 and 2014. I spend most of the time learning algorithms.

Web development is one of my hobby. I have worked with different clients and companies to build or design their site. From my working experience I can express myself as a Front End ninja. Making responsive sites with media queries, giving wonderful CSS3 animations and transitions to different elements is as easy as cake to me. I can handle critical tasks in Back End as well. Experienced in working with industry leading technologies like Laravel, AngularJS, MongoDB, nginx.

I am also involving in game development these days by investing my spare time. I always wanted to be a great game developer since my childhood. Right now, I'm working with a small team who are making a 2.5D sidescroller game. We hope to release it soon somewhere in 2016!

Believe in smart-work over hard-work. Love changes, don't want to stuck myself on traditional low-profit systems.